deveze rge

VINEYARD: Selection in which the three oldest parcels, situated to the south-east of Cairanne

GRAPE VARIETIES: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre majority

AGE: 15 – 60 years old

TERROIR: clayey-limestone soil with pudding stones

PRODUCTION: 30-35hl/ha (about 6500 bottles)

HARVESTING: by hand with rigorous selection

VINIFICATION: destalking; temperature control; daily pumping over; more than 30 days of maceration;  ageing for 18 months in oak barrels; bottling without filtration

CONSERVATION: we keep this wine in our cellars for three years in order to put the finishing touches to its ageing. We believe it will keep for a further 10 years. Best decanted 2 hours before serving.

TASTING NOTE: the elegant nose is a heady mixture of blackcurrant, Morello cherry, vanilla, tobacco and pepper; the palette is silky and fleshy with overtones of violets

SERVE WITH: venison stew, wild goat with mushrooms, wild boar, Marseille-style tripe, beef stew or goat's cheese

PACKAGING: heavy Bourgogne “Burgonde” bottle; natural cork 49mm; cases of 6 only; 70cs per pallet; Europallet

Distinction : OrchallengeMédaille d’Or au Challenge International 2006 Vintage 2003