Most of the harvesting is done by hand. The harvest is very carefully sorted to ensure that only the best grapes go into our wines.

Whilst our winemaking techniques remain traditional, we insist on using the most up-to-date equipment - destalking, temperature control, pneumatic presses, micro‑oxygenation.

Our wines undergo a long maceration period accompanied by regular "délestages" - the drawing off and pumping over of the wine to aid skin contact and extraction-. Differing maceration times allow us to create different styles of wine.




Each grape variety is aged separately. The most structured and powerful of our wines are aged in oak barrels, the other wines are aged in stainless steel or concrete tanks. The blending of our different tanks is a skill which requires the use of all of our savoir-faire in order to preserve the character of the Côtes du Rhône appellation, whilst at the same time responding to the taste of our customers.